Lane McFarland
Lane McFarland
Leader. Chef. Innovator.

Hi, I'm Lane, business and industry leader, chef, and constantly searching for innovative methods and ideas.


-what I've done so far-


Executive Chef/V.P. of Operations, 2010 to Present

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Shareholder 2013-Present

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Adjunct Instructor, Guest Lecturer, 2016-Present

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Kitchen Manager Intern, 2008-2010

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-My passion for growth-

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Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA)

I have always loved the hospitality industry as it is what gave me my start, so since 2011 I have been on the local chapter board, stepping up as Chapter President, serving on the State Board of Directors, and as the Chairman of the Education, Health and Safety Committee (a one year term turned three). My goal inside the organization is to show everyone in and out of the industry how important our future leaders are to the growth of not only the industry but for the economy. 


Pennsylvania ProStart

For the past 3 years I have had the honor to serve as a culinary judge at the Pennsylvania ProStart Culinary Competition. Teams of culinary students from vocational schools across the state compete for entry into the National Competition in Texas, making delicious dishes while Professional Chef's from all areas watch them from start to finish, and I get to taste it all!

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Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Nu Chapter, Alumni Ritual Advisor

Since 2011 I have served as the Alumni Ritual Advisor for Westminster College Alpha Nu Chapter, with the role of assisting the undergraduate men in any need they have.  

Secondary Education Volunteer

Over the last 8 years I have volunteered my time and expertise with Chartiers-Houston High School's musical program, WACTC Culinary Program, and a few other vocational schools. I have worked with students in teaching them vocal performance, stage presence, culinary skills, served as NOCTI Examiner, culinary judge, Occupational Advisory Council member and a long list of more positions. I say it regularly that students are our future, and deserve the time any of us can give.

-I've gained some skills along the way-



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Customer Relations

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Budget Management

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Research & Development

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Personal Protection

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Tax Law

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>1 MOA at 500yds

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Facility Management

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Event Management

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Marketing Strategy

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ACT 235

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Human Resources


Change Management

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Program Development


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Netflix Binging

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Strategic Planning

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Contract Negotiation

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Slowing Down

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Menu Design

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Workplace Violence

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Emotional Responses

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-some of my intellectual work-

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